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Gather new clients with Asset Protection Planning

Using The C.A.L.M. Plan


C.A.L.M.  (Comprehensive Asset & Liability Management) is an asset protection sale’s platform.  If you do not wish to read the following and would like simply to download a PowerPoint on basic asset protection and the CALM plan, please click here


To read about the five levels of C.A.L.M., plick on the links below.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5


To download the Marketing/Sales agreement which allows Advisors to market and generate income from sales of Levels 1-5 of the C.A.L.M. Plan, please e-mail


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            Right or wrong, it seems that most of the attorneys and accountants are most interested in core estate planning/tax topics. 


            Right or wrong, it seems that most of the financial planners, insurance agents, mortgage and stock brokers are most interested in topics that revolve around life and annuity sales. 


            I created this little summary to see if I could get the light bulb to turn on for all advisors when it comes to the topics of asset protection.  Most advisors who have clients with wealth understand that asset protection has a role, but what most advisors do not understand is the power of asset protection when it comes to gathering new clients and motivating clients (new and old) to act.


            Asset Protection as a client gathering tool


            Why is asset protection what I call the “best” client gathering tool?  Two main reasons.  1) I can guarantee that virtually every client (prospective or current) is NOT asset protected. 2) because when you talk with a client about asset protection you are not pushing product or services. 


            But if you are not pushing product or services, then how are you making money?  The answer depends, but sometimes the answer is you might not make money when giving asset protection advice (see below for how to make money).


            What you are doing for a client is something they are not used to, you are giving value added services and not pushing product or pushing for more hourly fees.   Think about it, we all know that clients do not want to hear about the next best life insurance policy or annuity.  They do not want to hear why they need to pay for more hourly services from their attorney or CPA/accountant/EA on topics they think they already paid for.   


            The power of asset protection


            Because you are not pushing product or services, you can bring up asset protection with clients or potential clients anytime and feel comfortable that the client will listen.  How?  It’s simple. There is a story for every client that you can use to get their interest.  If a client has teenage children you can tell the story about how the parents will be sued when their children have parties at the marital home and kids drink and drive home and get hurt.  Every professional client has personal liability (meaning they can’t hide behind their corporations).  Most clients with wealth own rental properties or vacation homes.  Every client owns a car which can create multi-million dollar verdicts from clients who have accidents.


            Example:  You are playing golf with a wealthy person (Dr. Smith) who you always wanted as a client.  You learned asset protection by taking the CWPP™ or CAPP™ course and decide to use that knowledge to start a conversation.  You ask Dr. Smith if he owns any assets in his own name. Dr. Smith says, he owns a brokerage account, vacation property, the building where his medical practice operates and a few other items.


            You casually ask Dr. Smith if he has an asset protection plan or is thinking about one.  Dr. Smith says he has no plan but he has been thinking about one.  You explain to Dr. Smith how if he gets sued, that ALL of his personal assets are at risk and could be taken.  Dr. Smith smiles and says that he sort of knows that but doesn’t like to think about it because he doesn’t know how to protect the assets and his advisors know nothing about asset protection.


            You tell Dr. Smith about FLPs and LLCs and how if he wants to protect his assets domestically he should be using these tools because of the unique aspects of what is called a Charging Orders.  You indicated that if he really wants to protect his $500,000 brokerage account, that he should have an offshore asset protection trust.


            You have instant credibility and opened the door to business


            Dr. Smith nods his head and agrees with you.  You have instantly made a friend and given something of value to Dr. Smith for free (on a topic that is at the top of Dr.  Smith’s worry list).   What you didn’t do was push product or your hourly services.


            If you stopped there, you’ve set yourself up to a better relationship with Dr. Smith and when you want to sell products or your hourly services to Dr. Smith, he’s going to be much more open to discuss things and hire you.


            What do you do as a follow up and can you make money on asset protection work?


            If you want to deal with asset protection work and make money in the process, you can (legally).  There are many scammers out of NV that will tell you to become an asset protection guru and sell your clients NV LLCs or FLPs. These scammers will pay outright referral fees for what is really legal work. It is illegal to pay non-attorneys for legal work and I recommend you stay away from this model.


            I recently was asked to help create an asset protection model where non-attorneys can be paid for referrals to attorneys on asset protection work.  The model is very simple and is rolling out as we speak.


            C.A.L.M. is an asset protection platform clients can purchase which has multiple levels. Each level has ancillary benefits such as educational e-newsletters, webinars, etc. as part of the global fee for helping the client.  Advisors who sell C.A.L.M. are able to be paid a referral fee not based on legal work, but from the ancillary services the client is paying for.


            Why did The WPI get invovled with C.A.L.M.?


            Because I have been educating advisors on how to help their clients with asset protection and until now they had no sale’s platform and no where to send their clients to get asset protection help from qualified attorneys. 


            That is no longer the case.  We now have a real sales platform you can offer to clients with real solutions that YOU will be invovled with and can be compensated from when clients purchase one of the four levels of C.A.L.M.


            What if you are an attorney?


            If you are an attorney, the C.A.L.M. team members (other attorneys) would be happy to work with you to help your clients.


            The bottom line is that every advisor should be helping their clients with asset protection. CWPP™ and CAPP™ advisors are uniquely qualified to help and through the C.A.L.M. platform, clients can start down the path of protecting themselves. 

            For more information on C.A.L.M. please e-mail or call Roccy DeFrancesco at 269-216-9978.


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