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Continuing Education

        As with any certification program, advisors who obtain either the CWPP or CAPP certifications will have an ongoing educational requirement.          

        Unlike many self sustaining educational programs, The Wealth Preservation Institute is not interested in requiring continuing education simply because it can produce revenue for the Institute.           

        Advisors who have the CWPP certification will be required to attend twenty (24) hours of continuing education every two years.   

        Advisors who have the CAPP certification will be required to attend twelve (12) hours of continuing education every two years. 

        The Wealth Preservation Institute will from time to time introduce new topics it will make mandatory to learn in order to keep one or both of the certifications.  This will only happen when a topic is new to the program or when something changes with one of the topics already in the program.   

        Since there will be few new topics to learn every year through The Wealth Preservation Institute, advisors can submit educational courses they attend via other educational entities.   

        CPAs have onerous continuing education requirements and many of the traditional CPE courses will count as continuing education toward Wealth Preservation Institute issued certifications. 

        Attorneys, insurance advisors, and those that already hold other designations (like CFP or CLU) also have continuing education requirement and advisors can submit those educational courses for credit to The Wealth Preservation Institute.  Not all other courses will be approved, but many will which should lessen the continuing education burden on those that earn the CWPP or CAPP certificate. 

        If you wonder whether a course will qualify for continuing education through the Wealth Preservation Institute, please e-mail with information on the course in question.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

           If you are a CFP professional, you can earn continuing education credit which is required to keep you in good standing with the CFP Board of Standards, Inc.

           CFP professionals can earn 24 hours of continuing education credit by attending an in person CWPP seminar and 24 hours of continuing education credit by taking the entire CWPP course online.

Continuing Education Credit

(CLE, CPE, CFP, CLU, Etc.) 

        Most of the educational modules in the CWPP and CAPP courses will be approved for CPE (for CPAs, EAs and accountants), CLE (for attorneys) and CE credit (for insurance professionals). 

         It is also very likely that many of the courses will be certified for CFP, CLU and other certification courses that cover some of the same material. 

         In the near future on this web-site, there will be a list of which modules are certified for which designations and in which states.

Are there any ongoing testing with the CWPP or CAPP certifications? 

            Yes.  While we will allow advisors to take open book tests, there is a requirement that each advisor pass a three (3) question essay test every three years to keep their CWPP certification and a two (2) question essay test every three years to keep their CAPP certification. 

            The reason for the continued testing is to make sure that anyone that has a CWPP certification really knows the material.  Most certification courses teach people the topics in a short period of time, have them take a test and then require continuing education as a way to stay current.  We at the WPI want to make sure our certified advisors continue to work with and know all of the topics covered in the course.  We believe a good way to do that is through essay open book testing every three years.


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