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CWPP Advisors have access to the best educational board in the industry. This design center was created to have The WPI board members help CWPP advisors create asset protection, estate, financial and business plans. This "team" approach helps CWPP advisors provide plans for their clients they othewise would not be able to obtain. To read more about the advanced design center, click here.
Audio Introduction

The WPI created a short introductory PowerPoint presentation with voice over.

To view and listen to the presentation please click on the link below.

Introductory Video

If you have a pop up blocker on your web-browser, you should get a notice asking you if you want to allow the presentation to "pop up."    If you hit yes, the presentation will automatically pop up and run.

You can move through the PowerPoint by clicking on the slides listed on the left side of the presentation.

If you have any problems or would like more information on the course offered by the WPI, please e-mail or call 269-216-9978.

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CWPP, CAPP



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