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Don't take our word for it, click here read what advisors of all kinds (financial planners, CPAs/EA/Acccountants, attorneys, insurance agents, and mortgage brokers) are saying about the best educational course/certification course in the country.
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CWPP Advisors have access to the best educational board in the industry. This design center was created to have The WPI board members help CWPP advisors create asset protection, estate, financial and business plans. This "team" approach helps CWPP advisors provide plans for their clients they othewise would not be able to obtain. To read more about the advanced design center, click here.
Credentials (CWPP™, CAPP™)

Certification Credentials 

Certified Wealth Preservation Planner (CWPP™)

            The CWPP™ is a one of a kind designation given to advisors that complete a 24-hour educational course (either in person or through online education) and pass a 240-question multiple choice examination and a three (3) question essay examination.  The course is focused on the overall topic of wealth preservation which includes the following topics.

             The topics covered in the CWPP™ course are:

             -Asset Protection (both domestic and offshore)
             -Deferred Compensation
WealthBuilder Annuity 
                          -Leverage Bonus Plans (LBP)
             -Mortgages/Equity Harvesting/1% CFA Mortgage 
             -Qualified Plans
                          -Profit sharing plans
                                    -New comparability plans
                          -Money purchase plans
                          -Defined benefit (DB) plans
                          -412(i) DB plans (and carve out planning)
Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
             -Estate Planning: basic and Advanced”            
Life Insurance 
                          -Whole life
                          -Term Life
                          -Return of premium term
                          -Universal Life
                          -Indexed Universal Life
                          -Variable Life
IRAs (advanced planning)
                         -Indexed Equity 
Accounts Receivable (A/R) Leveraging/Financing
             -Life Settlements 
             -Section 79 Plans
             -VEBAs (and 419A(f)6 plans)
             -International Tax Planning 
QPIP® (Mitigating the 75% tax trap)
             -Charitable Planning 
                         -Charitable Gift Annuities
                         -Charitable Remainder Trusts     
                         -Charitable Lead Trusts
                         -Family Foundations
Reverse Mortgages
             -Long Term Care Insurance
             -Health Insurance 

            For a more comprehensive review of the curriculum of the CWPP™ program, please click here to review the full course outline.

             Simply stated, there is not a more comprehensive “advanced” planning course in the country.

 Certified Asset Protection Planner (CAPP™)

We why should you become a CAPP™, click here for more information.

            The CAPP™ is a one of a kind designation given to advisors that complete a eighteen-hour educational course (either in person or through online education) and pass an 180-question multiple choice examination and a two (2) question essay examination.  The course is focused on the more specific topic of asset  protection.

           To download a the course outline for the CAPP™ course, please click here.

             The CAPP™ certification was created for advisors who do not have a need to learn about the other topics in the CWPP™ course (although we at the WPI believe the other topics are vitally important to advising the high income/net worth client) or simply do not have the time to sit for the 24-hour CWPP™ program which includes an additional 18-hours of education.

             In turn, while CWPP™ advisors will be well versed in the area of asset protection CAPP™ advisors have gone that extra mile to study the topic more in depth they can be worthy of a CAPP™ designation.

            Asset protection is almost a completely ignored topic by estate planning attorneys and CPAs/accountants and by financial planners, insurance advisors and real estate brokers/agents.  While the topic is almost completely ignored by most advisors, the topic is fast becoming the most important topic to any client that has a significant income ($150,000 or more a year) or a client that has a net worth in excess of $2,000,000.

            The CAPP™ course was created to deal specifically with topics that pertain to the narrow topic of “asset protection” (vs. the more global concept of wealth preservation).  

             Most advisors that call themselves asset protection experts really do not deal with complete asset protection.  Most asset protection specialists simply deal with protecting professional clients from obvious creditors like the patient who sues a doctor, a client that sues an attorney, CPA, accountant, financial planner, architect or stock broker.  

              There are other creditors out there that an asset protection attorney needs to protect their clients from.  Those other creditors are the federal and state governments that are trying to take as much of a client’s money as possible via income and estate taxes and gift taxes.  Also, the government dictates that clients must divest themselves of nearly all assets before receiving aid for nursing home assistance.  Finally, the client can lose money to every day expenses should he/she not have an adequate amount of disability insurance.

              The WPI definition of a creditor is any person or entity that can take a client’s money through the means of a lawsuit or through a state or federal statute.

              The topics covered in the CAPP™ course are as follows:

              -Asset Protection Part I
              -Asset Protection Part II
              -Asset Protection Part III
              -Asset Protection Part IV
              -Asset Protection Part V
              -Asset Protection Part VI
              -Asset Protection Part VII
              -Asset Protection Part VIII
              -Deferred Compensation (income tax reduction)
-Long Term Care Insurance 
-Accounts Receivable Leveraging 
-Annuities (stock market protection)
-The Maximizer (stock market protection)
-Advanced Estate Planning Part I (estate tax reduction)
-Captive Insurance Companies (income tax reduction, estate tax reduction)
-International Tax Planning (Using International VUL Policies)
-VEBAs/419 Plans (estate tax planning, long term care planning)
-Mortgages/Equity Stripping

Pre-requisites:   Basic Estate Planning, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance

              We at the WPI state with confidence when stating there is NO other asset protection certification course in the country like the CAPP™ course.  If you believe like we do at the WPI that there is no other more important topic to this country’s wealthy and if you would like to learn the topic in a specific manner (vs. the more comprehensive CWPP™ course), we strongly recommend that you sign up to earn your CAPP™ designation.


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