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To learn why "global" Asset Protection Planning is not just about using LLC/FLPs and offshore planning, please click here.
Advisors who have taken a course from The WPI requested that a "sales" platform be created for certified advisors.  Therefore, The WPI with the help of Matt Radin, JD, created the C.A.L.M. platform.  This platform will help certified advisors work up a comprehensive asset protection, financial and estate plan for all clients in a systematic manner.  To read about the various levels of C.A.L.M., click here.


1 . Are the CWPP™ and CAPP™ certification courses needed?

2 . Are there any ongoing commitments to keep the CWPP™ certificate?

3 . Are there any ongoing testing requirements with the CWPP™ or CAPP™ certifications?

4 . Certified Wealth Preservation Planner (CWPP™)

5 . Does the entire examination have to be taken at the same time?

6 . How can advisors take examinations?

7 . How did the CWPP™ program come into being?

8 . How do CWPP™ and CAPP™ differ from other certifications?

9 . How long does it take to complete the CWPP™ certification course?

10 . How much does it cost to become a CWPP™ or CAPP™

11 . Should you become a CWPP™ or CAPP™?

12 . Summary of the benefits of the CWPP™ certificate course.

13 . The Essay Exam

14 . What are the key powers of education through the WPI?

15 . What do advisors receive when completing a course?

16 . What is the Certified Asset Protection Planner (CAPP™) Certification?

17 . What kind of educational material is provided?

18 . Who created the CWPP™ and CAPP™ program?

19 . “Advanced” Planning


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