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To learn why "global" Asset Protection Planning is not just about using LLC/FLPs and offshore planning, please click here.
Advisors who have taken a course from The WPI requested that a "sales" platform be created for certified advisors.  Therefore, The WPI with the help of Matt Radin, JD, created the C.A.L.M. platform.  This platform will help certified advisors work up a comprehensive asset protection, financial and estate plan for all clients in a systematic manner.  To read about the various levels of C.A.L.M., click here.
Books for purchase

The WPI offers Three books you

can purchase directy:


The Home Equity Management Guidebook

The Doctor's Wealth Preservation Guide

Wealth Preservation Planning: A "Team" Approach


The Home Equity Management Guidebook


            Orders (at a discount only on The WPI web-site)


            To purchase the book now you can do so for $25 + $5 shipping. The book retails for $34.95. 


            I am allowing those who recieve my newsletter to buy the book at a discount.  To purchase the book now, please click here.


            The book is not a “sales” book.  It is an educational book.


            Even though it is written as an educational book, the reader will know in no uncertain terms that using Equity Harvesting the “right” way is a terrific way to build wealth for retirement.


            I wrote the book knowing that advisors would want to give it to clients so they would read it, take an interest in the topic, and ask the advisor who gave it to him/her for help.


            It should accomplish the goals that sales oriented advisors hoped to accomplish with Missed Fortune 101 without the fear of getting sued from the advice.  I fashion the book as just the opposite in that it is a full disclosure book which should prevent lawsuits.


            To view the abbreviated Table of Contents, please click here.


            If you would like to read Chapter 1: Sales Books vs. Educational Books, please click here

The Doctor's Wealth Preservation Guide ©


            This is your chance to purchase The Doctor's Wealth Preservation Guide directly from the author at a discounted price (30%  off the retail price of $49.95).


            If you identify yourself as a member of the National Society of Accountants, $10 from the sale of each book will be contributed to the NSA Scholarship Foundation.


            This book was created as a practical guide to help physicians with the following topics.


            Ironically, more advisors have purchased the book than physicians.  I suppose that makes some sense since there are many advisors to physician and they have few places to turn to learn the very important topics in this book.


            To view the table of contents of the book, please click here.


Asset Protection – Learn how to protect your personal and business assets from disgruntled patients, creditors and divorce through the use of domestic and offshore planning tools.


Estate Planning – Learn how to avoid the most common estate planning mistakes that could cost your heirs $500,000 - $3,000,000 or more and learn how to avoid the 70-83% tax trap.


Income Tax Reduction – Learn how to reduce your income taxes by $25,000 - $200,000 annually while avoiding the tax avoidance shams in the marketplace.


Financial Planning – Learn how to protect the principal of your investments while still giving yourself the opportunity for upside growth if the stock market performs well.


Office Management – Learn several practical and easy to implement solutions that will help you run a more efficient and financially sound medical practice.


            What are people are saying about this book:


            The Doctor's Wealth Preservation Guide is the new physician’s financial bible.  No physician should practice medicine without one.” Kathryn Serks from The American Academy of Physician and Surgeons.


Roccy-  A well--earned thanks  for greatly simplifying my life with a much improved proper corporate structure.


A separate well-earned thanks for your expert yet understandable tax and asset protection planning.  This will make a huge difference for my family.


And finally, I literally owe you my financial life, for helping me escape from Xelan


Thank God I read your book.”


Tim Kriss



            To Order a copy of The Doctor's Wealth Preservation Guide for the price of  $35.00 (30% off retail), please call Roccy DeFrancesco at 269-216-9978 or e-mail 


            Or you can download a form to fax in to purcahse this book by clicking here.


            If you would like to purchase the 7 CD audio version of the book please inquire.


The NSA Scholarship Foundation Presents:

Wealth Preservation Planning:

“A Team Approach”


            The NSA and The Wealth Preservation Institute teamed up to publish this educational book for advisors on the following topics:


            Asset Protection—In this litigious society, it is vital for advisors who have clients with wealth to learn the topic of asset protection. This book covers the topic from an advisors point of view and gives readers a practical education on the topic as well as steps by step instructions for how to help clients.


            Income Tax Planning—Accountants, CPAs and EAs are always asked for advice by their clients on how to reduce their income taxes.  This book covers a very simple and unique tool called WealthBuilder Annuity and also gives “the” new solution for how to help clients with NQDC plans after the 2004 American Jobs Creation Act.


            Estate Planning—Unlike the Doctor's Wealth Preservation Guide, this book covers several technical topics such as Medicaid Planning, Life Settlements, the Private Annuity Trust and more so advisors can be armed with several needed tools to give advice to on “advanced” planning topics.


            Financial Planning—While many advisors do not give investment advice, it is important that they have a working knowledge on several important topics so clients do not misallocate their money.  This book covers interesting topics such as funds to funds investing, tax lien investing, annuities, and life insurance.


            To view the table of contents, please click here.


          $10 from the sale of either book will be donated to the NSA Scholarship Foundation.


To order


            The Wealth Preservation Planning: “A Team Approach” book retails for $39.95 and NSA members can purchase the book at $10 off the retail price.  


            To purchase the book, please click here to download an order form.



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