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To learn why "global" Asset Protection Planning is not just about using LLC/FLPs and offshore planning, please click here.
Advisors who have taken a course from The WPI requested that a "sales" platform be created for certified advisors.  Therefore, The WPI with the help of Matt Radin, JD, created the C.A.L.M. platform.  This platform will help certified advisors work up a comprehensive asset protection, financial and estate plan for all clients in a systematic manner.  To read about the various levels of C.A.L.M., click here.
Equity Stripping

           Protecting certain type of assets (like a personal residence) is very difficult.

            Whether your clients have equity in their homes or in properties, many times we as CAPP advisors will recommend that the equity be "stripped" from the asset so the asset can be asset protected.

            If an asset has significant debt on it, a creditor will not want it.  Obviously the key to this concept is making sure that the equity stripped is placed in an investment which is asset protected.

            Another term for equity stripping is "equity harvesting."  Equity harvesting (EH) is a more positive mental term than stripping.  EH is usually done by repositioning the equity of a client's personal residence.  This concept can be a very powerful financial tool as well as an asset protection tool for the "right" client.

            EH becomes even more powerful when coupled with the 1% CFA mortgage program. 

            Advisors who have clients with any kind of wealth should know how to use this topic to benefit their clients so they can lower their mortgage payments (which will free up dollars to invest for retirement savings) and protect their wealth.


            While the topic is not “advanced,” hopefully by giving some “free” education on the topic, advisors will start to understand the benefits of working with and getting educated through The Wealth Preservation Institute.


            For a nice multi-page PowerPoint summary of the 1% CFA mortgage and equity harvesting, please e-mail


            If you would like the name of the company that brokers out the 1% home mortgage program, please e-mail


            FYI, this topic can not only be beneficial for clients, but advsiors who deal with the topic can also make significant ancillary income from being the mortgage broker. 


            Finally, do be careful with the concept of equity harvesting/stripping.  Many advisors adhere to the strict interpretation of the Missed Fortune 101 approach and it is The WPI's opinion that doing so is not in your client's best interests (and could potentially get you sued).


Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CWPP™, CAPP™


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