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"Advanced" Design Center

Advanced Design Center


            The Wealth Preservation Insitute is proud to anounce the creation of its Advanced” Design Center for special use ONLY by CWPP™ and CAPP™ licensed advisors.


            One of the things that makes the WPI and those that become certified as CWPP™ or CAPP™ advisors absolutely unique is the ability to call the nation’s best experts for advice on “case design.” 


            The term case design simply means that a CWPP™ or CAPP™ advisor has a client with a particular fact pattern and the advisor needs help with one or more aspects of designing a proper asset protection, income, capital gains or estate tax reduction plan.


            The Design Center was created to help CWPP™ and CAPP™ advisors with clients who make more than $250,000 a year in income or have estates of $5,000,000 or more.  (Exceptions to these stated dollar amounts will be available upon review).


            What makes The WPI’s Advanced Design Center different than others around the country? Several things:


            1) The design team is NOT housed at an insurance company, IMO, GA or broker dealer. This is key because such design teams are self interested to “sell” or “push” product sold by said companies (thereby limiting their ability to do what is right for the client (which puts the advisor at risk for E&O claims)).


            2) The team is headed by one if not the best estate planning attorney in the country,Jarrett Bostwick, J.D., LL.M. Jarrett was recently named by Worth Magazine as “One of the Top 100 Attorneys in the U.S.  More importantly, he was Director of Wealth Planning for National Financial Partner's "Wealth Design Center" where he gained a reputation for helping insurance and financial advisors close large estate planning cases that also used life insurance and annuities as a tool to accomplish the client’s objectives (usually in a unique/tax favorable manner).


            By having Mr. Bostwick in charge of the Advanced Design Center, he and The WPI credentialed advisors will have access not only to the second to none WPI Educational Board, but will also have access to some of the who’s who in their estate planning field nationwide.


            To view a modest version of Mr. Bostwick’s bio, please click here.


            3) One of the main things that sets The WPI Advanced Case Design team apart from all others in the country is that the advisors on the team know the many unique “advanced” tools educated on in the CWPP™ and CAPP™ courses.  There is NO other advance design center/team in the country that is familiar with the Private Annuity Trust, IDGTs, Captive Insurance Companies, WealthBuilder Annuity, the Leveraged Bonus Plan, Qualified Pensions Insurance Partnerships, Freeze Partnerships, Carve out Planning, Retained Earnings Rescue, Special Non-Profit Deferred Compensation, SERPs, ESOPs, Life Settlements, Reverse Mortgages, the 1% Cash Flow Arm Mortgage and Equity Harvesting, Premium Financed Life Insurance and the list goes on and on. 


            It is key for a CWPP™ and CAPP™ advisor to have a law firm to go to which is willing to work with and educate local counsel on the unique tools covered in the CWPP™ and CAPP™ courses.  It is sometimes frustrating for a CWPP™ or CAPP™ advisor to know more than a client’s local counsel or CPA/accountant and to have those advisors put the brakes on helping a client with unique solutions because of their ignorance or fear of a topic they do not know.


            It is one thing to say you have an advanced design center and it’s another to know that your design center is hands down the best in the industry and the ONLY one that truly deals with “advanced” planning.


            4) What should be of significant importance is that through a strategic alliance between Mr. Bostwick’s law firm and The WPI, CWPP™ and CAPP™ advisors will be able to procure discounts on the legal work that will need to be done in nearly every advanced case design.  When your clients want the best they have to pay for the best, but because of this alliance, a CWPP™ or CAPP™ advisors can offer their client what NO other advisor in the country can offer, e.g. the best legal advice possible with a reasonable price.


            5) Educational Webinars.  While CWPP™ and CAPP™ advisors are already the most knowledgeable advisors in the industry when it comes to advanced planning, it is always helpful to have refresher courses.  Through the Advanced Design Center, those advisors will be able to attend webinars geared towards helping them understand how to apply the topics and tools they learned in the certification courses in the “real world.” This will help advisors be able to identify opportunities to help their current clients as well as new clients.



            In the coming weeks there will be additional postings to this part of the site and a protocol for CWPP™ and CAPP™ advisors to use when accessing the Advanced Design Center. This will include a client questionnaire that can be used as a fact finder and how to submit case design questions to the design team.


            If you have any pressing needs to help a high income and/or high net worth client, please e-mail or call 269-216-9978 and Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CWPP™, CAPP™ will help facilitate a discussion with the design team to see what help can be offered.


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