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Advanced Estate Planning

“Advanced” Estate Planning


            Many advisors (CPAs/EA/accountants, attorneys, financial planners, etc.) say they deal with “advanced” estate planning.  Typically this is code for the fact that they do not deal with “advanced” planning, but simply deal with planning the lay public (even the wealthy) are not familiar with. If you are not familiar with it and it sounds beneficial, then it sort of sounds like “advanced” planning.


            The fact of the matter is that very few advisors of any kind deal with “advanced” estate planning.  Advanced estate planning is a global concept where the team leader needs to know multiple topics on multiple subjects in order to give the best advice.


            Most attorneys know very little about life insurance, annuities and financial planning. Same goes for CPAs/accountants/EA. Most insurance agents, financial planners and stock brokers do not know what they should when it comes to tax topics and legal concepts that can help clients. 


            This is what sets a CWPP™ advisor a part from any other advisor.  CWPP™ advisors not only know advanced planning but have been trained and tested in the subject by The Wealth Preservation Institute.


            Ask yourself this: do you know how to use a "freeze" partnership to receive a 90% discount on an FLP or LLC so your clients can transfers assets out of their estate at the maximum discount?  How about the concept of a private family bank that can help mitigate income taxes while living, and estate taxes at death, where the structure will be funded in such a way as to act as the family's private bank for generations to come?


             Do you know how to properly use charitable solution a to defer the and reduce the capital gains taxes due on the sale of highly appreciated stocks or real estate?  Do you know why an intentionally defective trust many times is also a better solution for a client when selling a highly appreciated asset?  If you want to say you do and in fact do “advanced” planning for your clients, you need to know the nuances of many different solutions and how to apply them in the correct situations.


            Do you know how to use International Tax Planning. to help your clients reduce and/or eliminate their income and capital gains taxes?  Just saying international tax planning will make many people uncomfortable.  Why? Because they do not have even a basic knowledge of the subject matter.  There is nothing complex about using an international life insurance policy to help clients reduce or eliminate short and long term capital gains taxes or income taxes.  When advisors learn how simple and beneficial international tax planning can be to many clients, then they can call themselves "advanced" planners who are armed with the knowledge to provide the "best" advice to their clients.


            Most clients with wealth are under the wrong impression that their estate planning attorney or CPA is taking care of them and know what they need to know in order to mitigate estate taxes and setup a client to reach Critical Capital Mass (CCM) as soon as possible (CCM is getting to the point of not having to work and knowing that you will not run out of money before death and will be able to live the lifestyle you so desire).


            Do you know in a detailed manner how the following solutions work and when to use them for clients to protect, grow, and preserve their wealth?


            The use of domestic LLCs, FLPs and offshore asset protection trusts, International Tax Planning, “Freeze” Partnerships, WealthBuilder Annuity, The Leverage Bonus Plan, Section 79 Plans, 1% CFA Mortgages, Equity Indexed Annuities, The Maximizer, 401k Plans, New Comparability PSPs, Defined Benefit and 412(i) Defined Benefit Plans (and carve out plans), VEBAs/419 Plans, ESOPs, Life Settlements, Reverse Mortgages, Life Insurance, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Gift Annuities, Family Foundations, Qualified Pension Insurance Partnerships, Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts, A/R Financing/Leveraging, HRAs, HSAs, Corporate Structure and many more topics.


            For 99% of the advisors who answer the above question, the answer will be NO. 


            The next questions are:


            1) Do you want to provide the best advice for your client?   


            2) Do you want to learn solutions that will help you grow your practice?


            3) Do you want to learn solutions that will increase your income?


            3a) If you sell life insurance or annuities, would you like to increase those sales dramatically by working in the advanced markets?


            This time 99% of the advisors answer the above questions will be a resounding YES.


            If you are not familiar with the above topics and you answered yes to the three questions above, then you are a prime candidate to take the CWPP™ and/or CAPP™ courses.


            To sign up to become a CWPP™ and/or CAPP™ advisor and take your consulting to the next level, please click here to sign up.


            One benefit to becoming a CWPP™ and/or CAPP™ advisor is access to the "advanced" design center. To read more, please click here.


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