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Find a CWPP™ Advisor

The Wealth Preservation Institute is proud to present the public with a list of advisors who have passed the CWPP™ or CAPP™ course or are in training to do so.


The number of advisors who have signed up to become CWPP™ advisors within the first 18 months of rolling out the only “advanced” certification program in the country is nearing 300.  The WPI is very proud of this market penetration of a designation that is not advertised except through word of mouth.


As you look in your state for a CWPP™ you will notice that many advisors have a yellow status.  This means they signed up for the course and are currently taking it online (or have been to an in person seminar and are passing the tests online).  The reason there are so many yellow status advisors is due to the fact that this course is not an “easy” course.  Advisors need to take there time in order to pass the 240 question and 3 question essay tests.  Additionally, the course was built to be user friendly for working advisors who have full time jobs and families to attend to.  Advisors have 12 months to complete the course and in the coming months you should see many more advisors turn from yellow status to green as their 12 month window comes due.


Click on your state to find an advisor near you.  


Alabama Indiana Nebraska South Carolina
Alaska  Iowa  Nevada  South Dakota
Arizona  Kansas  New Hampshire Tennessee
Arkansas  Kentucky  New Jersey Texas
California Louisiana New Mexico Utah
Colorado  Maine New York Vermont
Connecticut Maryland North Carolina Virginia
Delaware  Massachusetts North Dakota Washington
Florida  Michigan Ohio Washington, D.C.
Georgia  Minnesota  Oklahoma West Virginia
Hawaii  Mississippi  Oregon Wisconsin
Idaho   Missouri  Pennsylvania Wyoming
Illinois  Montana  Rhode Island Puerto Rico

If you are an advisor reading this and have clients with wealth, you can significantly benefit them by taking the CWPP™ or CAPP™ course. Doing so will give you unique knowledge to help those clients and access to the unmatched educational board of the WPI and access to the Advanced Design Center.


If you are not an advisor and wonder if you are receiving the best advice from your local advisors (CPAs/accountants/EAs, attorneys, financial planners, insurance agents, mortgage brokers or money managers), please surf this web-site and determine for yourself if your local advisors know (or have even hear of) most of the topics covered.   If not, you should find a CWPP™ or CAPP™ in your local area who can help you or suggest that your local advisors become one.



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