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            Dear Roccy...I just returned from completing the CWPP workshop and I wanted to let you know that my mind is swirling with new ideas and concepts.   My career spans over 30 years and I have obtained many designations - CLU, ChFC, CFP and AEP to become more proficient in dealing with the complex problems that clients experience in the real world.  This course has reenergized my thinking and my plans for my business in the future.

            In was taken aback by the depth of the subject matter covered and excited by the concepts you emphasized in our classes.  While the course covered many “advanced” topics, even some of the more basic concepts were covered in a way that exposed areas of vulnerability that most would have missed.  I believe that any professional that says they give advice on “advanced” planning and/or Asset Protection should consider this course as a pre-requisite to actually working cases with their clients.  The information is at a level that sets it apart from any course I have attended and I just wanted to say "Thanks " for your openness and frankness for how you teach the course live and explain topics in your written material.



Jan T. Mohamed, CFP®, ChFC, AEP


            I wanted to let you and anyone else who is considering taking the CWPP™ course that I learned more in two weeks going over the CWPP™ written material and taking the tests than I learned in the last 10 years of required continuing education courses. 


            I have already used concepts I didn’t know existed before taking the course to help a few of my clients.  Thank you for putting the CWPP™ program together in such an understandable and usable manner


Mark S. Fineberg, CPA, CWPP™

            As a CPA with his MBA and life insurance license, I’ve gone through a lot of education so I can provide the best advice to my clients.  After taking the CWPP™ course, it is clear that I will be able to significantly improve upon my advice due to the knowledge gained from going through the course on topics I was not aware of or not fully up to speed on.


            Whether and advisor is a CPA, insurance agent, financial planner or has his/her MBA, there is much that can be learned from the CWPP™ course to help provide the best advice to clients.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to deal with “advanced” topics or thinks that they already are.  We are never too bright to learn new concepts or solutions and every advisor will learn many in the CWPP™ course.


Sandy Stokes, III, CPA, CWPP™, MBA


I wanted to give you a brief success story from a few months ago.  Basically I was able to generate approximately $62,000 in revenue because I was able to intelligently discuss asset protection with a doctor who was referred to me by one of our Retail Investment Consultants.  I believe my success in closing this deal is attributable to the information from the CWPP course and the planning techniques which I learned.

Thanks for the education and I look forward to more success.

Todd Mortimer
Wealth Planning, HNW Insurance
Fifth Third Private Client Group

            Roccy, just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed your class for the CWPPTM certification in Dallas.  I have attended a significant number of “how to” classes and programs over the last 35 years, and yours is without question the best.  It thoroughly teaches the concepts and strategies discussed in each of the 20+ modules, and uses case studies effectively to drive each point home.  I found myself thinking about specific clients as we covered the material and how I was now better equipped to help them deal with their challenges.  Thanks again for a great class.


Steve Hudson, CSFP, CEA, CSA, PATA 


            I have been an advisor in the financial industry since 1984. I own a mortgage company and credit repair company; founded a not-for-profit counseling organization, and am licensed as both a real estate and insurance agent.  I have a master’s degree, have been through many seminars and educational courses, heard many speakers; however, having now completed the CWPP course, I can say that this rounds-out my education in a way no other compares.  The Asset Protection Society and Wealth Preservation Institute pushes the professional to a higher level of competency enabling them to better advise and serve their client.  At a time like no other, this is what the financial industry needs.  I highly recommend APS / WPI course work to anyone who advises clients about their financial future.


I tip my hat to you and your efforts as founder and co-founder of the organization.


Tim Hensley, CWPP, CAPP

Capital Republic Financial Group

            As a 10 year veteran of the Mortgage industry and an expert in implementing the concept of home equity harvesting, I think the information and education that I received from the CWPP course is the most valuable of my career.  The course material, although extensive, is easy to follow and understand. The advanced concepts on asset protection, as well as wealth accumulation and preservation, for high net worth clients blow my mind.  I would recommend this course to any and all financial service reps looking to take their practice to the next level, especially all Insurance Licensed reps that are currently implementing “Missed Fortune” concepts for their clients.


Trace Kirkpatrick

            Succinct, timely, and directly applicable; the strategies and techniques in the CWPP course are truly best-in-class.  Already, people have been frankly astonished at the value I've demonstrated using concepts straight from the curriculum.  PLEASE don't train many more advisors - I prefer to remain head and shoulders above 99.9% of the "competition".

Mark Boehm, CWPP™, MBA

            During my 20+ years in the financial services industry I have attended numerous seminars. My most valuable experience was the CWPP™ program held in San Diego. 

            The emphasis was on the knowledge necessary to "float" when reviewing a client's situation and be able to provide total solutions. The material was up to date and offered insights into many high powered concepts. I would recommend this program to any advisor who wanted to take his or her practice to the next level.


I look forward to being a part of the CWPP™ program as it evolves.


Terry Riely, CWPP™, CFP®



            I enjoyed the material in this certification course. I knew some of the information after 35 years of doing this. However, the practical marketing tips, and observations were very helpful. You did present interesting ways to look at important planning issues. Taking the course was a true learning experience.




Kenneth J. Wilkinson, CWPP™, MSFP, CEP, RFC, CEBA, CSA



            I’m loving this Certification Course. It allowed me to really understand why the attorney who spoke at an “asset protection” seminar the other night really doesn’t seem to understand asset protection; a scary thought!  If I were just sitting in the audience without ever studying this stuff I would view him as an expert and go with what he tells me!!!  Thank goodness I learned proper asset protection through the CWPP™ course.


Elizabeth Henderson, MBA, CSA, CWPP™

            Just like our clients are overwhelmed with information on their finances, we as advisors are also overcome with information on the latest professional certifications and ways to enhance your education on various topics. 


            The CWPP curriculum is second to none.  The information presented here and more importantly the application of this valuable information will help me to go beyond the traditional scope of financial advisor to a new level of being that client's trusted advisor. The financial services industry does a great job showing an advisor how to accumulate assets over time and what products work best where and when, but when it comes to protecting your assets there isn't much information accessible.


            The WPI is a huge resource that can be available to advisors, and the CWPP designation is a must for those wishing to become that trusted advisor we all hear about and strive to be.


Brian Gross, CWPP™

Strategic Wealth Solutions

          What a fantastic course; thanks for 3 of the most informative days that I have ever experienced! 


Thanks again


Jamey McClenny

I have been a licensed financial services professional since 1968, and have spent the majority of my career helping high income/net worth business owners in specialized areas such as VEBAs, 412(i), business succession planning, business owner wealth enhancement planning, and now retiree wealth enhancement planning.


I have considered various designations, thinking it would be an asset to have the letters after my name, but upon close examination, the courses, such as CLU, CFP® and CSA, seemed to serve only the very mainstream ideas, with the majority of the courses filling space due to a lack of quality content that can be easily applied to help clients.


In addition, having worked with numerous “Certified Advisors” over the years, it was disturbing how many seemed to know only the basic concepts to help clients and little if anything about “advanced” planning concepts and asset protection.


Thank you CWPP™ for the depth of the material provided in your courses. It’s great to learn something new and usable when I read and study instead of being bored stiff on the same old topics.


This certification should be mandatory for anyone presenting themselves to the public as an Estate Planner, Financial Planner, or Financial Advisor for higher income and or net worth clients.


Roger E. Nauheimer, CWPP™


             I have reviewed the information several times after the seminar and it all really works well with each other. I can honestly say that I learned a lot and enjoyed the seminar. I look forward to applying my new knowledge from the course to my current and soon to be new high income/net worth clients.

Ray Allen, CWPP™

Dear Roccy:


            The information I learned at the CWPP™ course is absolutely invaluable.  It would cost $10,000 alone from one those Las Vegas “asset protection” attorneys and I still wouldn’t have learned half of what you taught in the course.  The topic on advanced estate and financial planning again are not thing available in the education marketplace but I’ve seen other courses that cost upwards of $20,000 for half of what you teach.  You are underselling the course as you get it up and going and I hope advisors appreciate the value.


            What comes with it alone being a CWPP™ is priceless:  The ability to work with a top ranked estate planning attorney (ranked in the top 100 by Worth Magazine), the great mortgage program, and the program that shows investors how to safely double their returns on equity index products and on and on. 


            Again, thank you for putting so much effort into your course and I look forward to being a CWPP™ for years to come.


Gordon W. Bell, CWPP™, AIFATM


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