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Reverse Mortgages

Course Objective


This course was created to teach and educate accountants, attorneys, financial planners and insurance advisors about an exciting “new” financial program that is so powerful, it is changing the lives of our senior citizens.


Each year the number of seniors that are using this program is doubling. In the not too distant future, more of the major financial institutions will be offering this program.  A purpose of this course is to provide advisors with another solution to help them differentiate themselves in the marketplace as well be positioned to provide the best advice possible to client.


This general overview will help readers understand this country’s shifting senior demographics. It will also permit advisors to show senior clients how they can unlock tremendous home wealth while still living in their homes for life. This course will enable advisors to be among the first in their community to talk to clients about a program many advisors heretofore have ignored. Should advisors continue to ignore it, they will do so at their own financial detriment and potentially leave themselves open to E&O or malpractice suits. Today, seniors want to know about all their financial options.




1) Introduction


2) What is a reverse mortgage?


3) Who can use reverse mortgage?


4) Enter into a partnership with your home

a) Harnessing the power of reverse mortgages

b) Preliminary observations

c) Condo’s and Co-Ops

d) Brutal facts of reality


5) Reverse mortgage advantages


6) The three reverse mortgage plans

            a) FHA (or HECM or HUD)

            b) Homekeeper

            c) “Jumbo”


7) Reverse mortgages are here to stay 

a) Why a reverse mortgage works

b) Moving in Reverse

c) Risk reversal

d) Our “senior pioneers”-a bit of a review and some things new 

8) Dispelling the myths about Reverse Mortgages


9) Case Studies

            a) Example one

            b) Example two

            c) Example three

            d) Example four

            e) Example five


10) In Review



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