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Course Objective


This course was created to educate Life Insurance Agents, Estate Planners, CPA/accountants, EAs and Attorneys about the very interesting and confusing topic of annuities. While many non-insurance or securities licensed professionals do not choose to take the time to educate themselves about annuities, after reading this material all readers will understand why they need to know about annuities in order to give complete planning advice to clients.


This material will explain the different types of annuities, each of their many moving parts and how to understand which annuity is best suited for certain clients.  Plus, this material will explain why indexed equity annuities should be used for clients nearing retirement to protect their wealth while still giving the clients good upside growth potential with the investment.   


Overall, this course covers basic, intermediate and advanced course material that every CPA/accountant, EA, attorney and financial planner advising high net worth clients should know.


Tax Deferred Annuities


1) Introduction


2) What is an Annuity?  

            a) Annuitant

            b) Beneficiary

            c) Accumulation period. 


3) What are the common characteristics of all annuities?

            a) Variable annuities

            b) Tax-deferral

c) Withdrawals

            d) Asset protection

            e) 1035 exchanges

f) Investment protection

g) Payment options

            h) Death benefits

i) Surrender charges

            j) Market Value Adjustment

k) Penalties


4) General Feature & Benefits of Annuities

a) Borrowing from an annuity

b) Bonus premiums

            c) Penalty free withdrawals

d) Spousal option

e) Annuitization

f) Taxation

g) Sales Loads

h) Aggregation rule

i) Minimums and maximum premiums


5) What are the Different Classifications of Annuities?

a) Variable annuities

b) Fixed annuities

c) Single premium immediate annuity

d) Single premium deferred annuity

            e) Tax shelter annuities


6) The Single Premium Immediate Annuity (“SPIA”)


7) Traditional Fixed Annuities 


8) Index Linked Fixed Annuities (“EIA”)

            a) Crediting methods

b) Participation rate


9) Total Return Fixed Annuities


10) Variable Annuities


11) Two-Tier Annuities


12) Who are the most likely candidates for annuities?


13) If clients only knew


14) Summary



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