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Health Insurance

Course Overview


This course was created to teach advisors (CPAs, EAs, accountants, attorneys, financial planners, and insurance advisors) about a topic that is very important to any business client who offers health insurance to its employees.


Few non-health insurance advisors offer advice to their clients on one of the biggest problem areas for any business owner.  The reason little advice is being given is due to the fact that most non-health insurance advisors receive NO continuing education on the topic (and because few educational entities have courses on how to save money on health insurance costs).


This course was created to give advisors a background as to why health insurance costs have gone up so dramatically (especially for the small employer) and will also give readers several real-world solutions on how to help clients curb their rising health care costs.  For advisors who do not provide value to clients on the health insurance topic, after reading this material, they should be able to use the topic as a tool to benefit current clients and as a door opener to meet new clients.


Health Insurance

Why Costs are Rising And How to Curb those Costs


1. Introduction


2) Why Costs Are Rising

            a) HIPAA/Kennedy-Kassabaum Bill



a) Plans Covered by COBRA

b) Those eligible for coverage

c) Time Frames


Health Insurance Strategies


4. Fully Insured


5. Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs)

            a) What is an HRA

            b) How do HRAs work?

            c) How does the employer fund the HRA?

d) How many types of HRA plans are possible to implement?

e) Why would an employer consider an HRA?

f) Can employees "cash out" their unused HRA funds?

            g) Who holds the HRA funds?

            h) Can an LLC or Sub-S Corporation participate in an HRA program?

i) Summary on HRAs


6. Partially Self-Funded Plans

a)Viability for your clients

b) Why are Partially Self-Funded Plans not being used?


7. Prescription Drug Card ‘Carve-Out’ Plans


8. Section 125 Plans


9. Health Savings Account (HSA) (formerly Medical Savings Accounts)

            a) What is an HSA? 

b) What can the HSA money be used for?

c) Why use an HSA?  

d) How does an HSA work to save employers money? 

e) Example 1

            f)  Example 2

g) Why employers do not use HSAs

            h) Frequently Asked HSA Questions 


10. Summary on Health Insurance


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