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          The following consists of some of the articles that Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CWPP™, Founder of The Wealth Preservation Institute has had published in the last few years.

           Most of the topics covered in the below listed articles are covered in the CWPP™course.  The articles are short, but should give readers a flavor of some of the topics covered in the CWPP™course.  

The Maximizer (Nearly double the returns of the S&P 500)
1% option arm 
Equity Harvesting (building wealth using the equity in your home)
Protecting the Marital Home.FPM
WealthBuilder Annuity (also known as the ABC Plans)
Account Recievables Leveraging (done the right way)
NQDC--The Leveraged Bonus Plan
Account Reciebables Factoring
Charitable Gift Annuities
Asset Protection Part I (Financial Planning Magazine)
Aseet Protection Part II (Financial Planning Magazine)
Mitigating the 70-80% Tax Trap with Qualified or IRA Money Part I
MItigating the 70-80% Tax Trap with Qualifeid or IRA Money Part II
Equity Indexed Annuities
Return of Premium Term Life
Stock Protection Through Hedging Strategies
Section 79 Plans
Life Settlements
Capital Gains Reduction/Avoidance
How to Market "Advanced" Concepts
Retained Earnings Rescue
The Myth Behind Land Trusts
419/VEBA Plans and Imputed Income
Annuity Only VEBAS and Post Retirement Medical Benefits
Lawrence Gets Out of Jail


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