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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Summary of the benefits of the CWPP certificate course.

A.              For advisors looking to learn new information and ways to help high net worth/income clients, there is no other educational entity in the country better situated and with more knowledge than the WPI and its faculty.   

                When you can illustrate to a client why their CPA, attorney, financial planner, accountant, insurance agent, or real estate broker is not helping them with important topics such as asset protection, tax reduction, advanced estate planning, and reaching retirement as quickly and safely as possible, then you will know the power of being a CWPP.  

                The CWPP certificate program allows advisors to have on their letterhead, business cards, and websites a trademarked emblem that will make a bold statement about the worthiness of the advisor to help any high net worth/income client on his/her wealth preservation needs. 

                The WPI will allow advisors to have access to a password-protected educational site like no other that will not only continue to educate the advisor but can also be used as an exclusive tool to help educate clients. 

                The WPI allows advisors to take their knowledge with the subjects covered and instantly put them down in a book for publication with the advisors name on it.  Therefore, not only will an advisor have be known as a CWPP but the advisor can also be seen as a published author which can provide an unprecedented benefit when trying to bolster the credibility of an advisor. 

                Finally, once an advisor has graduated from the CWPP course, the advisor then has the ability to call the faculty or staff of the WPI to ask questions about any of the topics covered during the course without receiving an hourly bill for such questions. (This assumes an advisor is up to date on the continuing education requirements in order to keep the CWPP certificate).  

To view the curriculum for the current CWPP course, please click here.  

To find out when and where the next CWPP course will be offered, please click here

             To contact Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CWPP Founder of the WPI , please e-mail or call 269-216-9978. 


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