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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any ongoing testing with the CWPP™ or CAPP™ certifications?

A. Yes.  While we will allow advisors to take open book tests, there is a requirement that each advisor pass a three (3) question essay test every three years to keep their CWPP™ certification and a three (3) question essay test every three years to keep their CAPP™ certification. 

            The reason for the continued testing is to make sure that anyone that has a CWPP™ and CAPP™ certification really knows the material.  Most certification courses teach people the topics in a short period of time, have them take a test and then require continuing education as a way to stay current.  We at the WPI want to make sure our certified advisors continue to work with and know all of the topics covered in the course.  We believe a good way to do that is through essay open book testing every three years.


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